Moscow – not what I expected

Not what you expected when I said “Moscow”.

The Metro station –

This is our local grocery store –

With lots of caviar –

And as for the bottle shop –

Our hotel is opposite the Kremlin

So the view at breakfast looks like this –

And at night –

with the bar –

and my room, with its own has its foyer –

and settee

The weather has been perfect so far –

Those poor drab Soviet streets have been replaced with lots of clean paved ‘Champs Élysées’ –

Sure, there are the familiar shapes and in many sizes –

What more could one hope for in Moscow?


  1. Elsbeth

    The cuppola’s, are colourful and individual, no doubt for a reason. Do you know what that is?
    In the supermarket, one of the counters looks like the Russian Tidbits shop in Carnegie. Proves they are authentic, not just speaks the lingo.

  2. Paul

    I guess the ‘fruit cake’ churches are Orthodox Russian. Did you go inside to any?

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