A Very Expensive Poison

I sat next to a Russian couple. I wondered if he was there to hear some critic instructions from the cast. This is a play about the polonium poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko in Mayfair.

Quite a large cast playing multiple roles, though the centre actors above – They m Brooke as Alexander Litvinenko and MyAnna Buring as his wife, Marina – remained in character.

Reece Sheersmith played Putin looked more like Hitler, so with the many changing characters I found it a bit confusing and didn’t have my guide with me to sort out my confusion.

A new play by Lucy Preeble. It was a good script possible improved with a smaller cast. I’m not sure some of the roles added to the plot or character development of the principals.

Possibly NOT the play to see the day before leave by London for Moscow. I certainly won’t be drinking any green tea whilst I am away.


  1. Paul

    Vodkas are the go

  2. Have a wonderful time with the Muscovites.

  3. Clever to have it fictionalized- perhaps the author was sitting next to you.

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