Hove, actually

A day with John and Ann and their grandaughter Martha.

A seriously beautiful church where John assists in an associate capacity, and Ann is a Churchwarden.

And the intricate woodwork and stonework were exceptional.

And the magnificent organ.

The font and its counterbalanced cover.

And some of the stained glass windows, the chapel, and an area for post-service reflection.

A clear winner in the beautiful church interiors of Brighton award – in Hove, actually.

Just a short stroll towards the beachfront, brought us to Grand Avenue Mansions, the first mansion block (of apartments) in Hove and home to my third cousin once removed, Lady Madeleine Surtees, who lived in Apartment 3 in the early 1940s.

There were only two apartments per floor at that time -how splendid must they have been. We met a resident who allowed us to have a look inside. Each floor now has 6 apartments,

but the building retains its direct view of the sea down Grand Avenue with the now neighbouring buildings being significantly set back from the road.

That evening, after a tour into the adjoining countryside, I dined at John and Ann’s home in Hove.

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  1. Elsbeth

    They are beautiful.

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