Nothing to wear

I probably should have packed earlier than 30 minutes before I was to leave for the airport. There are always some things that get forgotten. Like my summer suit which I collected from the dry cleaners that day, but it remains in my wardrobe. Or socks.

Have Int finally read the instructions for my two week course at Oxford, I realised that I did not have a suit with me. Emergency shopping required. But first, breakfast.

Breakfast at 45 Jermyn St sounded ideal and for as delicious. A strong Bloody Mary is essential for an emergency shopping expedition.

I saw some unusual shop fronts on my way up New Bond Street.

Alexander McQueen’s store was done out in butterflies. Enough to send any Cursillo members into overdrive.

Seems Stella McCartney is still trading off her dad.

The clock struck twelve at Fortnum and Masons and Messrs. Fortnum and Mason appeared.

Lots of diamond set jewellery if you have lots of cash to spare.

I did find a suit and they were able to complete the alterations in time for me to make that evening’s performance at the National Theatre.


  1. We have seen Oxford by way of film and Frank and I visited, including Christ Church. I was fascinated by the skulls on the gravestones. I can imagine you immersed in the history of Oxford. So great to hear from you Ian.

  2. Paul

    Some of those antique jewells would go well on a cope

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