This morning I went for a wander in St James on the southern side of Piccadilly. Usually I frequent the northern Mayfair side so many of the street were new to me (except Jermyn St, of course).

I thought it was about time I retired my casual shoes ($40 from China on the internet and 5 years on). But all the shoe shops were so expensive, I would have to have kept the new shoes for display purposes only. They were too expensive to wear every day for two months – I’ll keep looking. Socks needed too!

I found a cheesemonger, yum. I have nowhere to store cheese as there is no fridge in my room, so I just looked on longingly.

I did find a number of art dealers, including Christie’s, but the prices were numbing so I didn’t go in. I did rather like this sculpture of Othello by Pietro Calvi, Italian, carved in 1870.

I was filling in time before an appointment to have my haircut at my local barbers, Truefitt and Hill, cutting hair in London since 1805. I think they did a reasonable job as they didn’t have much to work with.

I moved on then to Westminster, worshipping the Turton Street clergy haberdashers and ordering some new clergy tat for St Andrew’s. They know me now.

They even knew me in Church House Bookshop because of my internet orders. It’s great to be loved, even if it’s only because of your credit card!

So much to buy but books are heavy. I’ll wait until the end of my trip.

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