Return to Laurent

As it happened to be my birthday I thought it fitting to celebrate with good food and wine.

I returned to somewhere tried and true – Laurent at Hotel Café Royal. My friend Dr Brad Wells joined me.

We began with White Peach Bellinis, as we had both journeyed to London by train from different directions and thought a cocktail was in order.

Wonderful brioche followed (I was hungry after my day if study).

Sushi for entrée – gin cured salmon and spicy and crispy shrimp.

We both had steak but different cuts.

Accompanied with a delicious French red.

A great meal and good company.


  1. Anne Carver

    We are dining at acorn nursery peg Diana tdrish anne tutu Paul we h have all been to church looking forward to seeing you soon Tutti p

  2. Judy Goodes

    Happy birthday wishes Ian- looks like you had a fitting celebration with your friend Brad. Safe trip home

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