King Lear

I don’t like this story. I studied it at school and somehow feel I have live through part of this theme.

However, having seen our own Geoffrey Rush in the title role (I don’t care what they say about him or who he touches, he is our leading actor – deal with it), I couldn’t resist the opportunity to see Sir Ian McKellan in the role. And close up too as I was in the front row.

You know the story so I leave you with a few images. McLellan was masterful, Goneril well-dressed, Regan a bitch and Cordelia was black.

Poor Tom.

The blind of heart with the blind of sight.


  1. Lucky, lucky you, to see Geoffrey Rush in action. Was he feeling the heat?

  2. Elsbeth

    What a treat it would have been!!!
    Yes, Geoffrey Rush is one way of helping us to ‘see’ (oops) but to have been able to sit through a performance of Sir Ian Mckellan would be another way of catching a glimpse (oops) of the story and how it progressed. Wonderful to see Beautiful Cordelia as a black woman. Wow, Wow, Wow to it all.

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