Final day

So our final day was a tad windy, allowing me to get some photos without too many people in them.

There were a few people around the pool (complete with band) enjoying the glass roof, but no one playing shuttle board today.

I discovered where the dogs live too. Quite a cute fire hydrant for the boy dogs.

I ventured to the top to see the ship’s funnels, which always fascinated me as a child.

And there were mini tennis and golf provisions too.

One comment

  1. Elsbeth

    I’m inclined to tell, read suggest, that you stay on board for a while longer, the journey has been really lovely and enjoyable to the eye.
    I chuckle at the fire hydrant for boy dogs. Wondered if they could have a specially designed ‘over the side’ loo instead, but some might miss and depending on the direction of the wind, passengers soaked in boy dog wee.
    Half expected to see you peep over the top of the funnel. The whole experience has been well done and catered for. In Packer Park, where I take Cariad for a scamper there is a golf tee with nets around it and people actually use it to improve their golf swings.
    See you fairly soon, Elsbeth

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