Day 5 – Wilde

Another beautiful day at sea, warm enough to be outside again.

South side, of course.

Our Max has been revealed as a bit of a lothario, with a different woman on every deck. He keeps being caught out by the ladies from our dinner table which makes for amusing table talk.

I caught up with him on deck this morning, but he was alone.

This morning’s talk was on Oscar Wilde. Quite a fascinating talk.

Had to hand my book back in at the library.

Final gala dinner this evening. Max was late because he had been entertaining. It was tribute night to our chefs who the ok a deserved bow.

A terrific new song and dance review ‘Into the Night’ followed. Then karaoke for Max and an après drink for me in the Commodore Lounge.

With piano.


  1. Thank you Ian. I cant get enough of Oscar Wilde and could weep at the treatment he endured. Remember that great film “Wilde? Ïs there a film library?

    I am glad you had a warm day. It is cold and windy here but there was a reasonably good

    Attendance at our market. Simon said the bbq was quiet. You were missed. The new stallholders were happy with their positions. I bought flowers from a huge display, tomatoes from the

    Roadside stall, creamed honey, fruit bread from the baker and two cushions.

    The Ds beat tke Hawks, not too much breakage.

    Simon said

  2. Elsbeth

    Loved the images of Max, what a ladies man!
    Yesterday I was in the garden, it was fairly warm, today is an inside day. I forgot about the T&T market today. Hopefully will remember next time.
    I’ve begun the process of booking Cariad in for a sleepover. There’s a wedding in Sydney and family in Brisbane, but first things first. Ailsa is helping but isn’t the answer, hence the Woofers World booking. I’m now waiting for Cindy to call over and meet Cariad.

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