Day one at sea

Quite a magnificent ship I must say. After breakfast in the sumptuous Kings Court buffet, I took a wander around the lower decks before the crowds set in.

This was as close to the water as I chose to look – from deck 2.

Much more beautiful inside today – I’m definitely not going to get to wear my new swimmers in the outside pools on this voyage.

The Queens Room is the largest ballroom afloat. All the gala events are hosted here. Tonight it is Captain’s Gala Reception then the Royal Cunard Ball. I’ll leave those events to the couples. We do have formal dinner in the Britannia Restaurant.

The Golden Lion is done out in English pub style decor and I’ll be popping down there for a spot of bingo shortly. It doubles as the sports bar.

There is the obligatory casino

and a dance studio – G32 tonight featuring A band called ‘Purple Haze’

At the forward end, in the Royal Court Theatre (daytime),

I attended a lecture on the development of theatre in London in the Elizabethan and Jacobean times by guest speaker, Giles Ramsay. It was brilliant. Lots about Shakespeare as entrepreneur.

And this evening there was a great dance and song show -Apassionata – performed by the Royal Court singers, dancers and band.


  1. Elsbeth

    wow, what a lot to take in! Be careful where you choose to dive in, in your new bathers, not swimmers, not too close to the guard rail at the side of the ship.

  2. Loved the interiors, like scenes from all the luxurious black and whites that we thought we might never experience.

    Brisk deck walks might be in order after tempting dishes. glad you are having such a great time.

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