Bon Voyage, in the rain

It had rained overnight and remained slightly drizzly as I took leave of Manhattan and headed to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal to board the Queen Mary 2. I have been advised that I am not on a cruise. I’m on an ocean liner crossing the Atlantic.

Lots more room here than at the midtown wharves.

It remain overcast for the rest of the day as I settled into my stateroom and had a late lunch. Fantastic food.

Our emergency drill went well. I have to go to the gym in an emergency, somewhat ironic. The dancers from the nightly stage show are part of our guides. Managed to get my life jacket on and off. Couldn’t get the straps done up again so I left it on my bed for my steward, Albert, to put away.

We sailed soon afterwards and then dinner.

I am at a table for singles – Eleanor (Florida), Jenny (Leicester), Stephanie (Wales), and Max (New Jersey, but actually a young Russian man). He wants to come to Australia in 3 weeks time. At least our tourism publicity is slightly working (he is using Qantas Holidays), though he wants to visit Perth, Darwin and Adelaide in 10 days. I haven’t quite worked Max out yet. He is also keen to visit Tasmania on a separate visit and was surprised that Tasmanians had Australian passports. He is a work-in-progress.

Snagged a great seat for the evening show. A terrific performer, Laura Magann, great singer and powerful Operatic register. She was a crowd pleaser, with a strong Manchester accent when speaking. She flew over in the morning to join us.

Lots of activities to peruse for tomorrow on our Daily Program.

Lift foyer carpet (on the way back from dinner).

Lots of walking too.


  1. Judy Goodes

    Bon voyage- great experience

  2. Eleanor Newton

    When will you be home? What a fantastic time you are having so well deserved.


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