Moving on and up

Much as I like my penthouse suite – did you see my dining room and dressing room:

I noticed the debit had come through on my credit card for two night’s accommodation and the Australian dollar has fallen so low compared to the $US that I can’t justify staying here for the remainder of my time in New York. After all I did come here as a homeless waif in the middle of the night.

I am moving to Times Square or more properly Hells Kitchen. Goodbye Bergdorf’s and hello bodegas and external fire escapes.

Of course it’s not too downmarket but it is a much higher room away from much of the street noise.

And a great view.


  1. Richard Hoy

    Ian don’t forget to take the Staten Island ferry ride. Great views of the harbour , etc and it might be the only thing in new York that FREE! Regards Richard

  2. Judy Goodes

    Wonderful outlook from your room

  3. Elsbeth

    Think of the heigh(th) as being an exercise source – running up and down the stairs instead of using the lift. May take a bit longer but will give you a wonderful excuse to go eat!

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