My last supper

Before refining home, I thought a nice meal was required, so I dined at the restaurant ‘Asia de Cuba’ in my hotel.I began with a ceviche of citrus-cured salmon, passion fruit leche de tigre with cucumber shipowners salsa (pretentious much?). It was yum.Then followed coffee-crusted rib-eye with vine tomatoes, shiso mojo butter and wasabi miso potato purée.The potato had real bite and, for me, made the steak taste as if encrusted in pepper rather than coffee. Still yum, especially with a glass of 2015 Quinto do Crasto Douro from Portugal.For dessert, Mexican Donuts with caramel and spicy Thai chocolate sauces.


  1. Simon, who is trying to lose weight in competition with Stephanie,

  2. ….continuing …Stephanie, sorry that he only had a currant bun with strawberry jam for lunch in Hamilton Street

    . When I took my fifteen year old daughter, Diana Jill, to London, food in hotels was dismal . You will be able to make mouths water with your reviews as the consumers thank you for their sizzling sausages and eggs.

  3. Elsbeth

    It will be interesting to see if you can leave these beautiful meals behind and come home to steak”chips.

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