Guy’s Hospital

Nothing quite like a visit to hospital to make one queezy at the end of the day.Although St Thomas’ Hospital has relocated to the southern end of Westminster Bridge, it’s former neighbour, Guy’s Hospital, opened by Thomas Guy (who was on the board of Thomas’s – confused yet?) as a place for the incurable whereas Thomas’ was for operations and known treatment, remains on its original site as a teaching hospital.An historic operating theatre of St Thomas’ remains open, accessed through the bell tower of its former chapel.The instruments or implements used in the 1800s were not for the faint hearted. *trigger warning*Lord Lister’s carbolic spray apparatus, used to prevent inflection, was fascinating and the display included a letter signed by him. He had operated on Queen Victoria at St Thomas’ and was duly made a Baron for discovering antiseptic.A portable font for baptism in hospital has been preserved too.Across the road at Guy’s (still a teaching hospital), we saw Thomas Guy’s statue and his tomb in the hospital chapel.Even John Keats, who studied at Guy’s made an appearance.

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  1. Guy’s is so well known. We are acquainted with your ancestor’s name, Lord Lister, I am reminded of your second name whenever I use Listerine.

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