Orlando Bloom nude

Now that I have your attention, just like he had ours, Orlando Bloom excelled in the play ‘Killer Joe’.A play by Tracy Letts (August- Osage County) about trailer trash – he certainly nailed that. Directed by Simon Evans, with a great set by Grace Smart featuring a trailer home with the front walls cut away, filthy and shambolic, with the TV constantly on, it was too realistic.Adam Gillen convincingly played the annoyingly stupid brother Chris, a most believable trailer trash moron.Sophie Cookson (Kingsman: The Golden Circle) as Dottie was very smooth as the slightly damaged sister, Dottie. Bloom was head and shoulders (yes, he is tall) over the others though and received a standing ovation at the end. Loved it.

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  1. Elsbeth

    cute bum!

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