St Martin’s Lane Hotel

I have for many years wanted to stay in this Philippe Starck designed hotel just steps from St Martin’s in the Fields and near the site of the long lost bar ‘Brief Encounter’.

A redesign and upgrade in 2015 retains Starck’s unique style.

My room is at the end of the hall

and is on a corner, giving me an internal hallway encased with floor-to-ceiling windows. (There are curtains to avoid voyeurism, if desired).

The leopard print carpet reminds me of pug footprints (am clearly missing my dog).

It will be more convenient than my usual accommodation as in my remaining days I have an evening at the opera at Covent Garden and a tour of Southbank.


  1. You are having the time of your life and sharing with us each precious minute, Ian

    We love it

  2. Elsbeth

    Yes, the pug shaped footprints probably tell you that she’s missing you also – although she’s getting 10 star treatment from her ‘grandmother’.
    It looks fine weather, maybe hot even, bit different from here. 12 degrees. My neighbours returned from a trip to Greece recently and nearly froze!

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