Independence Day Mass

Today we celebrated Mass in the Eastern Crypt of Canterbury Cathedral on Independence Day (irony noted). We were led in worship by our celebrant and preacher, Fr Tripp Norris SCP from Atlanta.

assisted by the Very Reverend Fr Robert Cristobal SCP from Chicago.

Despite today’s readings including the passage from Romans 13.1-10 notoriously used by the Nazis and Trump Administration to validate compliance with their government’s policies, Fr Robert’s sermon did not lead us astray, emphasising our calling to be priestly, preaching and pastoral.

Above us hung a modern installation Transport by Anthony Gormley (2010) made from nails from the cathedral’s south-east transept roof (which I hope they replaced) which compose a filter-like membrane outlining the space of a human body. The artist aptly says “body and mind, church and state, are polarities evoked by the life and death of Thomas Becket” whose tomb was originally in this crypt.


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