“Please, Sir, may I have some more?”

Of course I went back for seconds – to the Greenhouse Restaurant in my hotel on my second and last evening in Barcelona.

For appetiser – ‘Oyster Krystal, grapefruit, samphire’.  Thank is pink grapefruit under the samphire dusting. Totally delicious.

With a side of bread with maple butter (again).

How can I ever face Thai fish cakes again back home?

The baby turnips make a comeback. A main course of ‘Iberian pig “Pluma”, black garlic, crême fraiche, turnip’. Perfectly moist.

Heaven again.

For dessert, ‘Sheep’s milk, blueberries, pumpkin seed oil’.

Check out those blueberries.

Another delicious experience.

One comment

  1. Elsbeth

    Once again the meal looks just yummy, no wonder you went back! It will take a bit of a wrench to get you out of Barcelona!

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