The last train

Here I am in Covent Garden before things went a little slightly pear-shaped. I won’t go into the details, but in summary:

  • There was a Hare Krishna parade in Piccadilly – they only know one song, but they still have to put it on a banner in case they forget;
  • Road and footpath totally blocked;
  • My taxi cost an extra £10;
  • It was 30 degrees today – heatwave;
  • I’m under a glass roof in Waterloo station in the heat;
  • The train to Exeter had no space for luggage and I have three suitcases about to rupture from the pressure inside;
  • No air conditioning in 3 carriages (mine was fine) but the driver couldn’t cope;

  • At Woking they shunt the carriages around so driver has a carriage with air conditioning;
  • At Salisbury they abandon that train so we have to wait for the next one;
  • I abandon plans for any further train travel, and spend the rest of the trip rearranging travel over the next three days;
  • I arrive at Exeter two hours late;
  • There are no taxis;
  • I decide to walk in the pleasant evening cool;

  • Exeter paving and my luggage wheels have a major disagreement;
  • I arrive at my accommodation just as the kitchen is closing.


  1. Elsbeth

    It all goes to make the trip memorable I guess!

  2. Judy Goodes

    Rather you than me

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