Gleneagles – Twilight of the Gods

There are people golfing at 9.30pm. It never is truely dark here, only am hour from Edinburgh. 

I enjoyed a relaxing morning after my feast at Restaurant Andrew Fairlie last night. I sat at the window overlooking the crochet green (it was raining, of course) and caught up with my blog posts.

It was an opportunity to enjoy some quiet time with excellent background jazz music. Eventually other guests came for brunch. The cakes looked scrumptious- 

but I restricted myself to a sandwich.

I do have a delightful room – 

This evening the forecourt was full of classic cars – 

Though a more modern version caught my eye – 

Perfect for the vicarage carport.

Dinner this evening was more formal, I was told, so I wore a bow tie to the Strathearn Restaurant. I do like a statement when I enter a room – 

And some pleasant background music – 

Supper began with some Jersey oysters

one down already. Then Beef Wellington –

Loved the rich colour of my dessert wine – a 2009 Royal Tokaji from Hungary as a compliment to a variety of Scottish cheese –

note to self: steer clear of goat’s cheese.


  1. A statement did you say? Your dog collar is a hard act to follow.
    Cakes look delicious – but we had a delicious cake in Rum Baba mode after this morning’s service.
    One on each table. We tried to discover the donor but no one knew, just that they came in boxes.

  2. Anne Carver

    One should not look at such pictures of amazingly prepared food when feeling hungry!
    Do they really have CROCHET greens over there?

  3. I’m sure they could. Lots of time indoors on account of the misty weather.

  4. Elsbeth

    I’m enjoying the sights and imagining the smells of Beef Wellington. So beautifully prepared. It looked as though you were piped in (piper at the ready by the door). Was he playing as you made your entrance? While for some it may be a bit ‘been there’, for me it was a joy to see it all and imagine. Liked the bow tie. Was it worn over a Scottish heritage shirt?
    My sister Lillas would love the crochet green. She’d prefer not to play in Scottish mist I think.

  5. Elsbeth

    I meant to write croquet, not crochet. I’m sure with her skills, Lillas could crochet a green if pressed.

  6. Andrew Lampe

    Did you ever find Judy and her two boys?

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