Another day in paradise

I missed church. I was planning to go to St Kessog’s Scottish Episcopal Church in Auchterader but it was a bit damp for a walk that far and back. So I began with breakfast in bed. Yes, I had to pay someone to prepare and deliver it, but it was a treat.

The fine rain didn’t deter me from a walk mid-morning.

Above is the pitch and put course. I might have a hit this afternoon.

Lovely warm fire for those who hav been out on the 3 courses – Queens, Kings and PGA.

I return to my usual haunt for quiet (and they know me here) in the Glendevon Room, drinking tap water.


  1. Paradise indeed, Ian. We spent holidays in Ballachulish and The Lodge on the Loch, Isles of Gllenco and the
    belonging to relatives, Jessie was my bridesmaid. Now only Ballachulish and the others sold

    Staying at the Lodge, at breakfast a piper deafened us as we had kippers and porridge.

    Will you have a chance to get to Balmoral?

    Interesting your research on Whitchurch. I used to walk along Whitchurch Lane, going to school, past
    St Laurence’s church, Handel once played the organ He wrote the Harmonious Blacksmith inspired
    by the forge at nearby Edgware

  2. Elsbeth

    Beautiful country, soft and undulating with enough up’s to get up a thirst and enough down’s to have a bit of exercise. You look all the better for it!

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