Jasper Jones

jasper-jones-1000x400Having had its season extended by the Melbourne Theatre Company, I can understand why. It is a great play and well acted. An unusual set of mini-houses revolved as characters walked, though it worried me that Jasper ran ahead whilst his friend Charlie chatted to the audience. I wanted to call out “Run Charlie, run” but was worried people would mistake me for Forrest Gump.

This is definitely the Australian play to see this year (so far).

This ‘five-star’ review says it all.


  1. Elsbeth

    There could have been lots of others biting their tongues also.You could have created a new reason for the extension – again – of the season as a result.
    Matthew is back in Sydney.

  2. Elsbeth

    Love the sandals and in one case, the socks also.

  3. Excellent play for a wet afternoon with the subliminally spooky music.

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