Tiberias waterfront

Monday was our final morning on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. It offered a glorious sunrise.

We celebrated Eucharist by the sea (and pool).

And after another fantastic and filling breakfast we packed our bags. Whilst waiting for the coach, I went for a walk with the Reverend Natasha Woodward, along the beachfront. Clearly this is a nocturnal hive of activity, but pretty deserted in the mornings.

On the Seawall behind the boat on the left was an open air bar.   

The Sea of Galilee is an important water source for the whole country, so at various points there were indications of the height of the water level (a minus number because it is below sea level).

We couldn’t quite work out what this was but it now housed lights and speakers – in fact the length of the walkway was dotted with speakers, we just hoped they were all playing the same song.

The was on old, abandoned mosque on the promenade.


There were also a number of former hotels which appeared abandoned.


Opposite our hotel there was what appeared to be an old silo, converted into an observation tower, probably from the time of the conflict over the Golan Heights on the opposite side of the lake. That area was originally part of Syria.

So it was goodbye to the Ron Beach Hotel as were travelled to the airport at Tel Aviv.

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  1. Elsbeth

    Thank you for your insights, they confirm for me what a complex situation which makes up that region. It almost (if possible) would be a good idea to start again somehow. All sorts of possibilities cross my mind!

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