The golden gates

They are not made of gold and they are not gates,

but Jewish expectation is that they shall be be open on the last day. Naturally some want to be first into the new Jerusalem through these gates, so most of the Kidron Valley to the east from the Old City to the Mount of Olives is one huge cemetery with above ground graves for a quick exit on judgement day.





  1. Elsbeth

    It looks hot and dry, and it suits the buildings and grounds. Certainly not like here, 8 degrees.

  2. You are right, they are doors, not gates. Perhaps the gold shining behind can be reached.
    I tried to make a comment but it was not accepted. I said that the landscape made one shudder. Are you retracing your steps?

  3. Elsbeth

    Symbolism is important to getting a hang of the meanings, like the huge foot of Jesus in an earlier blog. I’m finding that the symbolic gates to my understanding of my current situation have been opened with help and the gold behind is well worth the effort. I wonder what the area looked like when and if the region had plenty of rain.

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