Olivet & Gethsemene

‘The Passion’ was the theme for today and we began on the amount of Olives, at the Ascension Mosque at the highest point of the Mount. Here in the stone of the floor is, reputedly the footprint of Jesus.

The other footprint has been moved elsewhere.
We then walked to the Church of the Pater Noster, on the place where Jesus would have done a lot of his teaching, including teaching his disciples how to pray.

We held a short service at each of the places we visited, including the Lord’s Prayer here, of course.

As we walked the route Jesus took on his entry into Jerusalem from Bethany & Bethpage, down the Mount of Olives,

it provided us with some spectacular views of the old city of Jerusalem, across the Kidron Valley. 

We even saw a donkey.

Next was the place where Jesus wept over the city of Jerusalem.
with its chapel invoking a ‘teardrop’ roof, and a wonderful view over the city behind the priest during the Eucharist.

Then on to the Garden of Gethsemene….


with some spectacularly old, gnarled olive trees which likely date back to Jesus’ time. Olive trees never die unless to chop then down or burn them. 
A beautiful church on the site covers the Rock on which Jesus is said to have prayed on Maundy  Thursday evening, prior to his arrest.

A Korean priest was celebrating at the altar immediately next to the rock.

It was here that we had a special group photo opportunity.


  1. Eleanor Newton

    What a thrill to see all those holy places and with explanation – I’m sure I wasn’t so well informed when I was there 30 years ago

  2. Thank the Lord that photographers can produce pictures of these ancient and beautiful artworks that we can share and feel close to our childhood readings. Thank you Father M.

  3. Elsbeth

    This is amazing Ian, I’ve had to watch it twice to take it in. Not only the architecture, but the places themselves, eg the cave-like place where you were all praying. Thank you

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