A morning in the gardens

It was a lovely warm morning and so I went to the Re:start Mall, where the shops are built in temporary containers for breakfast

And then to the Christchurch Museum to catch a sightseeing bus. While I waited for my tour to begin I wandered in the adjoining Christchurch Botanical Gardens.

At the garden’s entrance is the Peacock Fountain, presumable named after its bold colours because I could see and peacocks. I later learnt that the fountain had been stored for many years and was only rediscovered in the 80s. Understandable.

The groups of the gardens are well kept and this building less part of the city was largely untouched during the earthquakes.

The Avon River meanders through the gardens, with its punters and ducks.

There are NZ native plants


lots of colour,

and even old friends that pop up in the Holy Trinity car park.

No garden would be complete without some hydrangeas



and a central rose garden, though none of the roses had any scent.





My bus tour was very it interesting but I will keep that story for a subsequent Men’s Breakfast and/or Trinity@home talk.


  1. What a great way to celebrate life and living in the Re-Start mall. Using what’s lying around comes up trumps. I enjoyed the walk around the gardens, thanks. I have some roses like some of those you photographed, but mine have perfume. Their Avon river is nothing like the Perth Avon, it looks deepish, whereas the Perth Avon will hardly get you wet if you manage to stand on a sand bar. It looked quite English, having been settled by people from that area, and rich soil, no wonder. You sound quite relaxed.

  2. Some really beautiful shots here.

  3. Really beautiful shots here.

  4. Most impressive shots of these beautiful flowers.

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