“Thanks for the memories”

Dear Qantas

You didn’t get my memo, again. I explicitly asked for an upgrade. I wasn’t asking for any favours. I have so many frequent flyer points that Greece has asked me to cash them in to solve the European debt crisis. I booked & paid 10 months ago and requested the upgrade on the spot. You have had plenty of time to get it together.

When checking in on my home computer I did notice that you had changed the seat allocation (for which I had paid extra) for the first leg to Dubai. I looked up the seating plan and supposed this was an equivalentish seat, lots of legroom adjacent to the galley. Fair enough I thought. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that in the few hours between my checking the seating arrangement and my arriving at the airport, you had added a bulkhead in front of the seat replete with baby’s bassinet. And to top off the trifecta you sat me next to a baby. Not one, but three babies. A baby-shop trio who unfortunately cried out of harmony. A visual and aural treat.

I wondered what had happened to the usual “pork or beef” selection when the dinner trolley arrived at 1.30am. The menu certainly no longer reflected the creative talents of Neil Perry. Chicken sausages = halal, which was dutifully disguised by the phrase “Meals served on board do not contain pork or alcohol products”, by which you meant ‘flavourless’. I didn’t hold out much hope for bacon with breakfast.

For future Terence, this is the view from my preferred seat if I have to fly in economy. It has its own cul-de-sac entrance for the hostess to bring supplies and for me to exit without disturbing the rest of the row. Fortunately I got it for the second leg – in the adult section.


Best wishes and please get it right on my return journey.


One comment

  1. Paul

    Perhaps better than a vegetarian flight

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