Up, up and away

The Duchess is on holidays with her Aunt and I venture forth for a week off.

This is the tail of my plane. I didn’t realise it at the time I took this photo. I was on the transit bus from the domestic to international terminals at Sydney airport and we passed this Emirates plane at the cargo terminal and I took a photo thinking you rarely get to see the plane from ground level.

I didn’t realise that Sydney’s third-world international terminal would end up bussing us out to this plane which left 50 minutes late as the Emirates ground staff had no idea what they were doing.

One lady spend 30 minutes reorganising the barriers around the departure gate (see above) whilst the passengers stood (no seats) waiting to board, watching her with amusement. She moved them this way and that way and ended up with two corrals with no exit. Brilliant. Out of camera shot are 300 people standing waiting to board. The boarding was delayed 40 minutes whilst we just stood around. There was little air conditioning for the volume of people and it was congested and stuffy waiting at the gate. I don’t like queuing and was NOT amused.

However the flight was pleasant, they stuffed me with food again, after a meal in the Qantas Club at 6.30am and on the plane from Melbourne, I won’t need to eat at all during my holiday.

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