I found this to be a very enjoyable film. It certainly was popular as I couldn’t get into Gold Class and ended up on the side of the theatre watching on a rather disconcerting angle. It began well and I liked the realism in the interpretation of the Bond franchise (or closer to real) than normally encountered in earlier films.

You have to love a dinner suit and Tom Ford’s suits make Bond look the part. Much more restraint was exercised in the characters, except for Bardem whose portrayal of the bad guy was in stark contrast to the restraint shown elsewhere. While I did not object to the ‘gay’ overtones for the reason given by some (see here for a recent article), I thought his character was unnecessarily silly and ugly compared to the restraint exercised in the other characterisations.


Shame to see the end of Judy, but the new Q was good.


  1. Good to have your comments, Ian. Did you hear mine? I compared the villain to the intrusion of a cartoon character. I think they made a mistake with Judi’s death having her full face, because the light goes out of the eyes on the point of death and hers did not. They could have employed some CGI for that effect maybe.

  2. Did you see episode 5 of My Family on IV. Michael, who recently came out, sent his father Ben to a gay club. Very funny, but ground breaking as far as comedy goes.

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