Dark Knight Rises


The first thing I noticed about this poster, after I had seen the film, was that Anne Hathaway (‘Catwoman’ or perhaps ‘Catgirl’, or in an Australian version ‘Cat-person’) is not mentioned in the credits [note to Anne’s PR rep: “You’re fired”]. Without her, the film was truly dark and irredeemable. How she poured herself into those lycra jump-suits is anyone’s guess, but it worked! She was excellent.

I hadn’t thought much of the story or of poor old Batman in the second film of this trilogy – Dark Knight, and having regard to the fact that it was four years ago, I doubted he would ever rise. In that film ‘The Joker’ played by Heath Ledger was truly exceptional. It was a performance worthy of the posthumous Oscar. It may say something about Heath’s nature (condition?) that he was at his best when in disguise.

The same cannot be said for poor Tom Hardy in the current film (that was you in the mask wasn’t it Tom, even your tattoos were in disguise?). Perhaps it was Sylvester Stillone, or The Hulk, though the wrong colour for the latter. [note to Tom’s manager: ‘No more masks – my face is the one bit that I haven’t coloured in yet. Cover the tatts, show the face!’].

At least this time Christian Bale was impressive, having finally come out of the gloom and eventually gives up his dark side – in Italy, of course.

The poster says Milla Jovovich is in the film – keep watching because I didn’t see her. Marion Cottilard had a role (perhaps Milla got tired of that name) but I didn’t trust her character from the beginning – enough said. Fortunately, Garry Oldman brought some Tinker Tailor…. to his role and Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine were in their element.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt played a major role and he wan’t on the poster either – clearly having another thing in common with Anne Hathaway apart from a fondness for Batman. Am looking forward to the cat-fight between these two in the next film – can you have a fourth film in a trilogy?.

[note to the producers – don’t print a poster until the film is in the can.]


  1. I remember Miss Hathaway when she was in The Beverley Hillbillies. She looks strangely younger in this film though.

  2. An Incisive review, certainly, anyone who could follow the convoluted Tinker Taylor …would not be flummoxed by the
    antics in the Dark Knight Rises. A blokey film by the sound of it, possibly hard to fathom by the 3WBC. 94.1 demographic and unexplored by this reviewer

    Enjoyable reading – move over Beryl Rule and Wendy Knowlton. Would a fourth in the series be a quadruplet?

  3. I remember going to see it with Christian Bayle impressive as a man who talks funny. Perhaps The Hulk could have been there – on a dark night and so different as to be unrecognisable? Hmmm, perhaps not.
    A fourth in the series might be a quadology.

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