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Another art show in the country. This time a launch in Kyneton, at the large gallery space ‘Stockroom’ in the trendy Piper Street not far from St Paul’s Anglican Church. It was a cold and rainy day, but after a Vestry planning meeting in the morning, I journeyed out of Melbourne for an exhibition opening at 4.30pm. I had plenty of time so I drove on via Daylesford but it was just too cold and damp to walk around, so I grateful for the warmth of the car.


All the inner city Melbourne trendies were arriving and I felt naked without a pork-pie hat or a beard. Some very cutting edge items were on display, not all to my taste especially the audio exhibit and a couple of odd installations.

You never quite know where to stand in case you have accidentally walked into someone’s exhibit. I remember once picking up some pebbles I thought had been dropped on the floor of the Art Gallery of NSW only t find they were, in fact, an exhibit – 3 pebbles. Honestly.


I did like this large bronze of a container – quite monolithic and detailed.


And these bronze wings on a plinth were also good.

I had primarily come to support artist Nick Ives whose work was also part of a group exhibition, within a wider collection of artistic work.


This particular ‘head’ of his took my fancy.

There were a variety of other works such as pottery, textiles, clothing and glass. I had to be stopped from buying myself a polished concrete ring which would have doubled as a knuckle-duster.

For me the surprise work was a metal laser-cut screen entitled ‘Batman and the Lamb’. Apart from its Christian inference, it was quite eye-catching ($4800).


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  1. I am enjoying the tour of places and exhibitions I would not see, At first glance it looked crowded, but then it looked more ordered as each item was shown. After your recent Italian tour, the bronze wings on a plinth looked interesting. I could imagine it in a large garden, possibly with some birds having a breather or if low enough a cat waiting to see if it could fly like a bird, after a bird.
    I guess the head would be something to see first hand to get some sort of real idea of why it took your fancy. Elsbeth

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