Mixing it

I had promised to bake a chocolate cake for the parish movie night last Friday evening. On Friday afternoon I got out the trusty mixmaster out and put in all the ingredients. It all looked too pale to me and I couldn’t imaging that whipping it would bring out the cocoa. I looked at the packet and it said it was a vanilla cake.

I confess there was an element of relief in this discovery as last time I made a chocolate cake I had to scrap cake mix off the kitchen walls as I had mismanaged how the mixmaster operated and the excess mix spun off into the atmosphere. Vanilla wouldn’t show too much, I thought. Everything seemed to be going well but I was too lazy to pull the cake out to see if it was done and I stuck the skewer into it on an angle. Mistake. While it seemed okay, when it cooled it sank like a soufflé.

Bummer. So I had to make another one. Unfortunately the only mix I had left was a strawberry one.

Never mind it all turned out well in the end, though I did have to explain the lack of chocolate.

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