Episcopal paintings

When I arrived home from Europe this delightful invitation was awaiting me. Of course I had missed the opening (free drinks!) and the opportunity to acquire the painting shown on the invitation by Bishop Gerald Beaumont. I did attend the gallery and there were a substantial number of paintings by +Gerald and a number of his student painters from St John’s Camberwell (where I did a two year internship as a student minister). It was a very good exhibition and a great space, over two floors on Brunswick Street.

I did manage to get one work by +Gerald entitled Good Moon Rising, shown below from its new home in the Vicarage hallway under a painting by Nick Ives (John & Kaye’s son) entitled Everything you said was right is wrong.

Bp Gerald is not the only episcopal painter. Bp John Bayton is well known for his iconography, having established the Icon School at St Peter’s Eastern Hill (image below) when he was vicar there.

He has had a number of exhibitions, the most recent in St Paul’s Cathedral Melbourne. When I was reading theology at Trinity College +John took a class with a small group of us as used the book of Jonah as a model to consider ministry. Jonah has remained a special biblical character for me and I have a painting of his on this subject.


He uses a variety of styles and I am particularly fond of the painting below of the colonial building on the corner of La Trobe and King Streets.


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