A day in the country


I didn’t take my scarf today for whilst it started a bit chilly (leaving at 7.30am), it did warm up and there was plenty of walking.


It might seem as if the overland and underground stations at Euston are together, but no, they are separated by about 400m and, for once, there was no underground tunnel. Still I was very early and there was time for breakfast before making my way to Euston Square tube. The idea of a square tube doesn’t bear thinking about because on some tube lines they can hardly fit a carriage through at all.


But there is plenty of room at Euston, and on the Metropolitan line the carriages are normal size – no crouching.


It was a pleasant trip out to Rickmansworth because there were not many others going in my direction, unlike the some trains on other lines which had many people on their way to work, squeezed into the carriages like sardine sachets. I was able to get an earlier train than I had expected so I messages through an earlier arrival time.


Jenny and her sister Miriam met me at the station and we drove to the Vicarage at All Saints’ Croxley Green (above) where Miriam is vicar and where Jenny is living. After a cup of tea and a chat, Jenny and I explored the church.



There are some lovely residential areas in the village,


with lanes leading between the streets


past some well groomed driveways


and out towards the green pastures which overlook the River Chess with views back towards Rickmansworth (see top photo).


It was a lovely day for a walk and, of course, a pub meal.


After lunch we wandered down to Rickmansworth



and to St Mary’s Church a joint Anglican & Methodist parish. This is where Jenny had been working.




I could see why Jenny and ‘Millie’ have enjoyed their time here,


but are now looking forward to returning to us by Christmas.

[Note to Churchwardens: better dust off the Curate Fund].

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  1. PS It’s a wonder that you could tear yourself away from village pubs with names like those. Love them! Elsbeth

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