St Pancake’s


I spent some time this afternoon reviewing research proposals for The Alfred Ethics Committee (they can get you anywhere in the world with email), and then decided that I would go to a choral evensong. In keeping with my desire to support my local area, I attended St Pancras’ Church which is around the corner from my apartment.


It was advertised as an inclusive church and in an interregnum, and we know how important support is at such a time. They clearly put women to work here (see above). Jenny, the assistant priest, led a BCP service (but with some modern prayers).


There was a choir of four very good singers, plus the director music who chanted the bits our vicar normally does, but to a different setting. The choir sang all the responses and vesicles. Note the doors on each of the pews and the very high pulpit! Mthr Jenny, who could have benefitted from that pulpit (or elevator shoes), chose to preach from the lectern. Her sermon was on the Mozambique saint & martyr, Bernard Mizeki (you can google him, I did!).


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  1. Thanks for the info about your travels, I have loved the scenery and the memories they brought back of Bron’s and my visit to Rome (where we were attacked by gypsies), shrieked with laughter at your particular style of humour, and enjoyed the whole thing. All Saint’s Ang church in Rome, how wonderful to have both Paula Gooder and David Richardson. What a real treat! At home after surgery, Paula Gooder was on Hymns of Praise and that was a treat in Carnegie. After reading back to the beginning the pyjama references made sense.
    Bron and I went to a Papal audience in 1989, where at the signal lots of people stood up to have their handfuls of rosary beads blessed from a distance.
    It will be a great time at Holy Trinity when you return.

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