London Lodgings


Finding reasonably priced accommodation in London is always a challenge. Balancing the convenience of the location with the standard and cost of a room can take some time, particularly since the $A has been so weak against the £ for many years. Despite improvements in the $ parity, the challenge remains.


I have stayed in a variety of hotels and ‘other’ accommodation over the years and after much internet research, I opted to take a studio apartment in Cartwright Gardens in Bloomsbury. The nearest tubes being Russell Square and Euston. I stayed in this part of London on my first visit here many years ago, and I enjoy the walk back from the theatre district of the West End in the late evenings (weather permitting).


This particular establishment received favourable reviews on the internet and is good value for the money. I will be here for the week so some unpacking can be done!

The studio is really a bedroom into which a wall unit comprising a wardrobe and kitchenette was been installed along two walls. It is quite adequate for one, not much on the entertainment front though with one small folding chair which I use as a bedside table. It has cable TV, a fridge and freezer, hotplate, microwave, etc and is all very new.


There is free internet access (which is great) and it is individually air conditioned (also important) . The property consists of four terraces which have been renovated as a whole. There are about 28 flats in each four-stores walk up, each with a laundry in the basement and a common shared garden at the rear.


I am amused by the stairwell, whose steps seem to slope slightly towards the bannister. This is a navigation hazard for the inebriated and could be deadly with a heavy suitcase, which is why I allowed the young man who checked me in to carry the most untrafficable item. I think this could be an OH& S claim in waiting.


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