Pecunia non olet


I know I have described tourists in Rome in an earlier post but today I was one, wearing the headset etc and following our guide around the excavations (scavi) of the ancient Roman seaport of Ostio Antico (nothing to do with a lack of calcium, I discovered).

The 88 delegates to the first international conference of the Society of Catholic Priests had a day out to this ancient city where St Paul would have landed when he was brought to Rome as a prisoner.


The masons amongst us would have had a field day (literally) as I have never seen so many brick walls. What ever happened to bricks? Modern Melbourne construction is all pre-fabricated concrete held together by Meccano.


Above is an early laundry where the slaves ‘trod the washing’ in large stone vasts. I also learnt the origin of the phrase Pecunia non olet (‘money doesn’t stink’) – google it if you must know before I get back.


There were many statues uncovered in the area but those were clearly the days before facial recognition software.


This ossuary looks familiar. Could someone please check under the rear bay window of the vicarage as I think I have one with pot plants in it. This may need a rethink.

There was a fair amount of follow-the-leader during our visit as you can see from the photo below.


The temperature hit 30C and the vicar of Mount Eliza required a parasol.


There were many communal activities to keep the Romans of the day busy. I trust the photo below requires no explanation.


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