Spain wants its steps back


I was probably lucky to have snapped this shot before the steps are repossessed, at any rate luckier than the bloke who gets to wear the Roman legion outfit all day. Poor Spain – still you can never have too many steps I say. They certainly are well used, though not be me. When I asked the legionnaire where the escalator was he just looked at me as if he didn’t speak English. I was only asking on behalf of my pajamas you understand.


Opposite the Spanish Steps is the via Condotti, which is sort of Paris end Collins Street without the trams, footpath, trees or anything Parisienne except the shop names and contents.


You can’t turn your back for a minute in Rome. At first I thought it was the Spaniards en masse, but realized Spaniards don’t have big ears atop their heads and the eyes were a bit of a giveaway. Clearly this was a protest about some wild owl being eradicated no doubt to make room for a desalination plant. The owlies would prefer we all died of thirst while a civilization of learned owls overtakes Europe. Hopefully the owls might be more astute financial managers. But watch out, the amarda can’t be far away.

One comment

  1. Else

    Dear Ian
    How wonderful to be included as a recipient of your blog! Having fun already retracing some of the steps I did take there myself! Oh, it was a long time ago!!
    Great photos, and I do believe you flew first class, pajamas and all, one of my aims to do at least once.
    All’s well at my end, looking forward to the next edition

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