Alexandra the Great


What a joy to be back on the via Veneto at the Hotel Alexandra. I’m not sure if Vittorio Veneto was a relative of Maria Venuti, but I sure you can google that if interested. Certainly this is a buxom avenue with a certain level of glamour and style usually reserved for the inside of shops on the via Condotti. And how it has improved from my last visit some 30 years ago (en vitro as someone so kindly suggested after Wednesday’s Mass). When I was last here my father spent most of his time watching the extraordinary parking abilities of the locals on the avenue below. No space was too small and even if it were, they just bash the adjoining car out of the way. No parking on the via now. That space has been taken by a glass restaurant in which I had a most enjoyable evening meal.


Finally I get to use the two courses in ‘Italian for Tourists’ which I undertook at night school back in 2001. I can order from the menu (which only involves reading) but please don’t let the bill come be in excess of ‘ten’ as the class didn’t master numbers beyond that. Everything is in Euros of course, most of them probably Spanish as that country’s entire holdings have been transferred elsewhere in Europe. Time for a bailout there I believe.


My room is a single but comfy and is at the rear of the building facing a courtyard, which is is pleasantly quiet and picturesque.


The ensuite has been laid out in the alternative. One must have their wits about themselves late at night in here. No relying on BA’s GPS and plenty of opportunity for error. I used to have a freckle on one hand so I could tell my left from my right. Now they are just a roadmap of liver spots. Am hoping for the best on this one.


There are some lovely touches of past glamour. The lift is modern and more spacious than it would be in a similar establishment in Paris, but it does take a week for the doors to open when the floor is reached. The vestibule to my front door had a stylish windowed lightwell. Trés chic (sorry, took the Paris thing too far).


The breakfast atrium also benefits from lead lights. My spot is reserved by my hat whilst I hoe in to the very capacious buffet selection.


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    Terribly nostalgic and positively VERIDIAN with envy!!!

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