Heathrow interregnum


We all know it’s a long way to Europe, particularly if you have a layover in a terminal somewhere on route. With 9 hours to kill at Heathrow waiting for my connection to Rome, I had pre-booked accommodation at the Sofitel adjacent to British Airways’ new Terminal 5, which is a bit like Southern Cross station without the smell.

Ours was the first flight to land at Heathrow after the morning curfew. HM’s corgis must have been out for a walk in Windsor Great Park when we landed just prior to 6 am at Terminal 3. This is the best time to be at Heathrow because you can get lost and know one cares, not even you. I caught the train to the wrong terminal. No problem. I just had to alight until a security guard had swept the train for bombs (the 2012 Olympics are in a month’s time) and I caught the same train back to where I had started. I’m going to be an expert on Heathrow when I return there in a week’s time.

My stop-over accommodation was very new and stylish. I was given the key to room 2102. I pondered whether it was it might have been injudicious to have built a twenty-one storey hotel in the middle of an airport, but it transpired the room was on the first floor (go figure).

I especially enjoyed being able to have a refreshing shower and a proper nap before the next leg of my journey.


[note to self: this was a comfortable chair]

I couldn’t believe I needed any further feeding, but after my rest I partook of a snack in the hotel’s tea room. Everyone was on computers, lots of business talk. For me, it was all about the food.


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  1. Reverend Wendy J Hudson

    Fashionista reading duly noted!! Wendy

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