The Kremlin

Red Square is not red and ‘red’ has nothing to do with communists. Red means beautiful. Not that it was particularly so on the day visited as it had been the site of a concert and they were dismantling the seating formwork. Good to see it is used for things other than military parades.

And Red Square is outside the walls of the Kremlin. It does hold the mausoleum to Lenin, which once also contained the body Stalin. The letter was removed by Khrushchev and placed behind the mausoleum with other graves of leaders of the Soviet era.

The walls of the Kremlin rise behind the tomb of Lenin and the square is overlooked by the main administrative building within.

On the eastern edge is St Basil’s Cathedral.

The opposite side has shops, lots of them including a huge department store.

The Kremlin itself is a walled hill containing three cathedrals, many palaces (now largely museums) and a building used by the President (below).

Lenin lived in a flat on the ground floor at this end of the building, whereas Stalin lived in a flat on the top floor. Putin does not livers, he has a country house and is flown in by helicopter and driven across the grounds by car. the far end of the building overlooks Red Square.

There was a magnificent museum within the Kremlin, called The Armoury Museum, but full of art. No photos were permitted.

We visited all three cathedrals forming Cathedral Square.

One huge bell didn’t quite make the grade but was kept on site.

A large theatre in a modernist style.

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