Whooshing through Worcester

Jim left early in the morning and Brad and I spent the day in nearby Worcester on the river Severn.

Lots of walking around this delightful town and the canals,with their locks, leading to Birmingham.

With 58 locks to pass in 30 miles of canal, I thought getting to Birmingham was a big ask.

This was where the final battle of the English civil war was fought.

Charles II, then Prince of Wales, escaped capture by hiding in the roof of this pub.

Indeed there are reminders of the Carolinians (installed after the Restoration, of course, both on the Guildhall in the Main Street (below) and in the Cathedral.

The Guildhall –

Charles I, king and martyr –

Charles II –

Queen Anne, the last of the Stuarts –

Lots of Tudor buildings remain intact in Worcester, plus some new ones.

Picturesque walk along the riverside, with a reminder on one wall of the flood levels achieved over the centuries.


  1. Glad you were walking around the canals, not sail

    ing –

  2. What was this man showing the children outside King Charles house?

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