St Pancras Hotel

After a fortnight in student digs at Christ Church I decided to have a couple of nights in London near where I was to collect my car for the next leg of my adventure.

A very grand edifice adjacent to the national and international rail station.

Unfortunately most of the accommodation is in the new addition seen above at the left-hand rear of the building. Very pleasant but boring.

The classical Victorian building remains but a mystery.

Perhaps if I had been prepared to spend more than $900 a night I may have been placed somewhere more grand but even I have my limits. After all it is next to a station – even if it is one of the best in the world – see an earlier piece.

My room had an enchanting view of the exterior of the station roof.

It was a twin room. I explained that I didn’t have a twin but that fell on deaf ears.

However it was close to the laundromat for some much needed refreshment of clothing.

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