Peter Gynt

A play by David Hare updates the issues of Ibsen’s script to the current century.

Peter Gynt is searching for something: himself. Traveling from the mountains of Scotland (complete with strong Gaelic accents) to the pool-sides of Florida, he’ll meet talking hyenas, two-headed trolls and even an Egyptian Sphinx.  But his ultimate transformation may not be all that he hoped for… and it wasn’t.

Playing the rebellious antihero, James McArdle (Angels In America) is reunited with David Hare and Jonathan Kent, the partnership behind the triumphant Young Chekhov at Chichester Festival Theatre and the National Theatre.

This outrageous modern myth is designed by the Tony award-winning Richard Hudson (The Lion King), with an original score from Paul Englishby (BBC’s Luther and Dr Foster) and movement direction from Polly Bennett (Bohemian Rhapsody). Yes, singing and dancing in Ibsen!

James McArdle worked hard for three and a half hours, barely leaving the stage in a fine performance with an amusing first act transitioning through the second to a serious consideration of what life had become for him.

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