The Savoy Grill

‘In for a penny, in for a pound’ – several pounds I imagine. I haven’t been to the Savoy Grill since 1981. It is now under the auspices of Gordon Ramsay, though it was not evident what he has to do with the menu.

I thought I would see what it was like for lunch – and it was delicious.

The bread was warm and the butter soft – always a great start.

For appetiser I began with the Glazed omelette ‘Arnold Bennett’, a base of scrambled eggs, various cheeses and grated potato with a béchamel and hollandaise sauce canopy. Delicious but in appearance

it reminds me of ‘Tinky Winky’, the Teletubby who died.

In reality this dish is actually a famous classic, created for the novelist Arnold Bennett, who wrote an entire novel, Imperial Palace, while staying at the Savoy hotel.

For main course I chose a rump steak with ‘skinny chips’ accompanied by a glass of ‘Candace Nero de Troia, Cantina Diome1de Puglia, Italy 2013′ translated for me by the sommelier as “A strong red from Southern Italy’ and chosen by me because it has the word ‘pug’ in its title.

There were some Australian wines but alas neither by the glass nor affordable.

For dessert, a Mille Feuille, soft, delicious and with raspberries.

Then coffee with coffee macaroons served on a bed of cocoa granules. I must confess that, to me, macaroons are little white Matterhorns of coconut with a cherry on top, though I have seen plenty of these coloured things at Zimt.

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