Day 3 – planetarium and games

Another smooth morning on the Atlantic Ocean. Had to queue early to get a ticket to a showing in the Planetarium after lunch.

Today’s session was on Asteroids and with live music. The seats recline so you can see the planetarium dome fully, into which images are projected. Quite fascinating.

Then I attended a lecture on winning the war by flying planes from Canada to Britain across the Atlantic and defeating the U-boats. Great speaker.

There is a hallway for games (not gamers) with ocean views during the day.

This evening I completely mucked up my timing and was late for dinner. Couldn’t get my dinner suit on in time so I dined in the Kings Court buffet, the home of breakfast and lunch.

Much quieter this evening . Fantastic performance by Megan Magann this evening.

Then a quite pre-bed drink in the Commodore Club with pianist accompaniment.


  1. What a gas, Vicar. You are having such a variety of past times Pity you missed your dinner – you should have a dresser with you!

  2. Elsbeth

    Good to be in the Atlantic and not near Cyclone Florence, about to hit American shores. It sounds so relaxing, informative (planetarium and winning the war) and yummy (eats). I look forward to the next episode. Beautiful day in Melbourne today.

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