Macy’s maketh the man

I needed some new clothes as I was too lazy to pack any and only brought a dinner suit. So, still wearing my aeroplane clothes, I went shopping, Midtown.

I have never had a 29 inch waist (I wish but sadly not). I was born a 32 and have gone jumbo since then. The biggest size in the whole of GAP (the store, not the shortfall on my credit card) is 36 but even then everything, shirts included, is ‘slim fit’. Have they looked around? Slim fit in America, land of the all-you-can-eat buffet? No wonder GAP have lost their market share.

So I crossed the road to Macy’s – worlds biggest store and air conditioned, as it’s hot here.

It took two floors before the slim fits petered out and I found some trousers that I could wear. Boat pants (not sure what they meant by that) but I thought I’d risk it. So I bought a few items, as you do on a sale day. Not bad for an hour’s work.

Of course it didn’t all go smoothly. The sales lady rang up some else’s items with mine and then had to void the whole transaction. Then she left a security tag on a shirt and I will have to return it tomorrow to get it removed.

On the way out of the store it did set off the alarm, but as no one seemed perturbed, I ignored the bells and flashing lights and hailed a cab. My bad. Now That have to go shopping again. I did see a jacket with leather piping that I liked but I am not allowed any more as I leave them in other peoples rooms and they accumulate.


  1. Did someone ask äre you being served ? this jacket will enhance your baby blues

  2. Elsbeth

    I have only stopped laughing to take in another bite of breakfast! Go Ian!

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