Smokey Mary’s

And it didn’t disappoint.

Having had breakfast at 6am (after all New York is the city that never sleeps – because of all the noise) and having been reunited with my suitcase, I took a stroll down 6th Ave (Avenue of the Americas).

Today is Brazilian national day.

How appropriate that I should be going to the Brazilian quarter (W 46th Street), home to St Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church.

Lots of feasting in the street, and some inside too.

Known as ‘Smokey Mary’s’ it was a lesson in how to do incense well.

An excellent sermon by Fr James Smith, the curate – six feet above contradiction and in a well-illuminated pulpit.

And a wonderful service followed, with more incense, of course.

If statues are your thing, there are some fine ones here.

And a great baptistry.

And what a coincidence to run into Fr Alan Moses from All Saint’s Margaret Street in London.


  1. Judy Goodes

    Such a fabulous church- the feelings when you walk in there is one of amazement

  2. Judy Goodes


  3. Good to hear from you and know that you have your precious belongings

  4. Paul

    Looks like an Orthodox cocktail

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