Chilling in Chilworth, or wherever

I’m not entirely sure where I am. Siri was very confused and announced that I had reached my destination while I was travelling at 70mph on the M27. It took a further 20 minutes of off-ramps and U-turns to find the way into the hotel. It’s very easy, once you know how but not so easy when the GPS is not built in and you are driving.

In fact Siri loves to go the round-about way to anywhere if he (I have a man Siri on my phone) if he thinks it is quicker. Yesterday he took me past Stonehenge when I knew I could have turned off earlier. There were a few people there, perhaps rehearsing for the summer solstice today.

My hotel is surrounded by motorways.

Over the M3, I could be in Chilworth.

Chilworth appears to be a pre-Brexit town where life has been grand. I like Chilworth, though if I lived there I would have to get that sign straightened up.

Some locals are very private, and shut their gates just as I am photographing their homes.

Others have shared entrances from the street.

And battle-axe blocks.

Alternatively, over the M27, I could be part of Bassett.

I drove through here this morning when I returned my car to Hertz. It seemed quite chic.

Beautiful treed streets,

Some grand homes,

And some which are modern flats.

Bassett also has a crematorium which wasn’t on my chic list, so I’m opting for Chilworth.

In any case the hotel is pleasant, set in a treed enclave with a high level of white nose from those motorways if you are outside.

However, you know you are in mini-USA when the wine list looks like this.

One comment

  1. Anne Carver

    Not sure what a “high level of white nose” is but your pictures and descriptions are interesting. We currently have different than usual, entertaining conversations during morning tea at HT!


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