My faith in English hospitality re-invigorated on my arrival at Brown’s. this feels like home. Originally Brown’s & St George’s Hotel, a must if you are from Mont Albert. And such a convenient location in Mayfair.

Welcoming flowers in the foyer.

Welcome on the TV

in my room.

Even the bathroom was bigger than those Edinburgh digs.

[Note to Terry – love the shower]

And something almost something indecent about putting slippers out for you when you return in the evening – but we love it, though it comes at a price, of course.

Of course there is more than the room. There is also the food, so remembering what I was taught in my days at Now Voyager Travel in Sydney, I dined in the house restaurant ‘HIX Mayfair’. Great British fare and a good wine list. 

Hungry after my train journey from Edinburgh, I had an early dinner.

The salmon was smoked in-house. Delicious.

The small whole chicken was smoked, and was carved at the table. Unfortunately the parsnip had garlic in it (which I am avoiding) but it looked great. 

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  1. what a happy man you sound deservedly so.

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